Honorable Mentions ’11, Group Two

Today we bring you the second group of Honorable Mentions in the 2011 Mochimochi Photo Contest! Even though these didn’t quite make the top 20, we still think they’re fantastic and deserve some recognition. Take a look after the jump!

In no particular order…

The day Pigeo met Big Pigeo! by WildCat Designs


Excellent mod!! And the little guy doesn’t seem intimidated at all.

Gnomes at home! by edifyarcane


Any gnome would be lucky to live in that awesome needle felted mushroom home!

Gulliver’s Travels Bunnies by dinosaurs and bunnys rawr


The knitter notes that no bunnies where harmed in the taking of the photograph. But I bet one was mildly annoyed!

Bride and Groom cake toppers by taratara81


The happy couple is especially happy to have a cake that’s bigger than both of them!

The last cupcake by momshoo


It’s survival of the tiniest for this little guy!

Follow him to his friends by sparkle j


We love the quiet mysteriousness of this photo. Very Woodins-esque!

Fab 4 by stripeymonkey


Meet the Human Bean-tles! You can practically hear the tiny fans screaming…

Fishing Gnomes by knottedstring


The knitted background and props are fantastic!

Hearts yarn bombing by kellyelizorn


A lovely sight for a frigid February.

Grocery List Chickens by vicksbears


These chick magnets prefer you to get your protein from other animals, of course!

Kudos to these clever knitters and photographers! We’ll post the first group of semifinalists soon, so stay tuned for that!

8 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions ’11, Group Two

  1. I love the magnets. If I had chicken magnets they would be horrified at the number of eggs I go through when I bake and make ice cream, but would cheer that otherwise they are very, very safe.

  2. I’m so happy to be included in the honorable mentions! That beautiful felted toadstool was in a beautiful booth at Rhinebeck.

  3. I like The Last Cupcake! Please don’t let it be eaten!

    I’m surprised that there’s only three (soon to be four) votes so far!

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