Semifinalists ’11, Group One

The 2011 Mochimochi Photo Contest results continue! We’ve featured some really impressive photos so far this week—and those were just the Honorable Mentions! Today and tomorrow we’re bringing you the 20 semifinalists for this year’s contest. We’re dividing them into two days, but they are all up for a chance to be in the finals, and you have the power to put them there!

Take a look at these wonderfully creative photos, and then ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES in the comments. We’ll be selecting the final 10 photos based on the comments you leave, so it’s important to speak up!

Take a look after the jump!

In no particular order…

King of the Fungi by bohoknitterchic


Tiny Gnome seems very pleased with his domain.

Snowmen! by TheBon


If this beautiful wreath doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will!

Waiting for eggs by dhaus11


Now we know how big a serving of Tiny Chicken is!

Mochimochi Bros. by juleenbean


We love this darling little DIY scene!

Hello, friend! by tphillips08


These two really look like cousins! Maybe a few times removed, but still!

Drunk Cactus by FatalsAttraction


I guess cacti have to get their fluids from somewhere… hilarious!

Tiny Ninja—battling evil knots and dropped stitches wherever he goes! by Michelle1246


A very cool mod and amazing photo too!

Mozart Pig II by Sothe2462


Excellent wig mod! This knitter has made a whole series of composer pigs.

Framed Seascape by Patelyne


This knitter made a scene with removable tiny knits that can be played with. So cool!

Dorothy and her friends by hippycrite


Such a cute idea!

Don’t forget to LET US KNOW which are your favorites from this bunch in the comments! And be sure to come back tomorrow for the next group of semifinalists!

254 thoughts on “Semifinalists ’11, Group One

  1. These are so adorable, I can’t wait until my daughter gets home from school to show them to her!
    These Mini MochiMochi are all so cute, it’s hard to choose one! For the most amazing use of color, I’d have to pick Snowmen. Drunk Cactus is the funniest. And, I just love both Tiny Ninja and Mozart Pig II.
    I can’t wait to see who wins! Knit on!

  2. I obviously want my snail photo to win (excited to be a semi-finalist!!), but I also really like the snowmen…so many good photos!

  3. I love Patelyne’s Seascape. The fact there are removable knots to play with make it awesome!

  4. This was very.. And I mean very hard to choose! Everyone did so well! So I think I will go for the Mozart Piggie.

  5. OMG! i had to narrow it down to four – sorry! but since 10 are going through to the finals, i hope that’s okay. in no particular order:

    rainbow snowmen
    mochimochi bros. circus
    mozart pig
    dorothy and her friends

  6. I love them all, and of course I would love to see my Mozart piggy go on to the final round! But my other favorites are King of the Fungi and Mochimochi Bros.

  7. Oh man, all of those are so cute! I think my favorites are the Snowman wreath, the Tiny Ninja, and the Wizard of Oz group.

  8. Snowmen is my favorite, but I also have to mention the Seascape because it’s soooooooooo creative!

  9. Framed Seascape is awesome! I love the fact that it works as wall art and also as individual play pieces!

  10. Omigosh! The Mozart Piggy is so cute! What an excellent homage to such a magnificent composer! :D

  11. wow, all of the entries are so cute and creative!!! i really like the mozart pig and the king of the fungi!!! good luck everybody!!!! ^_^

  12. I am crazy excited to see my seascape here, and I love that of course – my other favorite has to be the circus scene, so cute!

  13. Ack, so many that I want to pick, too cute…but I guess Mochimochi Bros comes first.
    (But Snowmen and Dorothy and Friends come a very very close second)

  14. They’re all so creative, and it was really hard to choose… In the end, I decided that Mozart the piggy was my favorite! :D

  15. King of the Fungi is just too cute! What a better king for brilliant orange fungus, than a wee gnome!

  16. They’re all amazing. I especially love the Mozart pig, the snowmen wreath, and the framed seascape.

  17. My favorites are the snowman wreath and the Mozart pig. I think I’ve seen the mozart pig before when I was doing my own pig with wig, and it still makes me ridiculously happy each time I see it.

  18. King of the Fungi is my absolute favorite!
    I love the way it’s not only outdoors but actually out in the forest. It would be even neater if it stayed there a while – I imagine the surprise followed by a smile on the face of anyone out walking, who suddenly noticed it.

  19. Oh my gosh it is SO hard to pick my favorite. I have like 6 favorites. Dorothy and the MochiMochi bros. I can’t narrow it down any further!

  20. TheBon’s snowmen. I do happen to love ALL of these pictures, and I think every single one of them is creative, but theres something super special to me about a colour palette of snowmen! It warms my heart!

  21. All of them are wonderfully adorable, but TheBon’s snowmen are my very favorite! So cute!

  22. I like mochimochi bros. and the seascape the best, then the snowmen, but the snails and cacti are really cute too :)

  23. SeaScape By Pattelyne What an adorable idea, love the way you can take out the girl to play with.

  24. And this little piggy…. WENT TO THE FINALS!!!! :) :) :) Mozart Pig has my vote, no doubt!!!! :D :D :D

  25. I love the snowmen and catci.

    I’d say the circus and Dorothy are the most creative.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  26. wow, so many great photos! it’s hard to choose.

    my picks are framed seascape (such a creative knit!) and the king of the gnomes (wonderful photography).

  27. Of course I’m partial to my own Mochimochi Bros. photo. It’s The Tiniest Show on Earth!
    Mozart Pig is great. I wanna know where Sothe got such an adorable piano!

  28. Wow! The entries look great this year! I have my top four…
    Follow him to his friends
    The last cupcake
    Drunk cactus
    Mochimochi bros

    Seriously though, they are all too cute!

  29. Never have I seen a swine so fine! He is truly divine! An impeccable work of art; that dashing Mozart! :D

  30. so hard to choose, i love that the framed seascape is a removable toy, so clever! but my fave is still dorothy and friends! coolest and adorable idea! i hope dorothy and friends will win :)

  31. All good things come in threes – so, here are my favorites:

    King of the Fungi *yours majesty*
    Hello, Friend ! *whatz up*
    Drunk Cactus *cheers*

  32. juleenbean:

    Of course I’m partial to my own Mochimochi Bros. photo. It’s The Tiniest Show on Earth!
    Mozart Pig is great. I wanna know where Sothe got such an adorable piano!

    I actually got the piano from my mom. :) The piano is a wind-up Muffy and Hoppy piano she got about ten years ago. Muffy came with it, dressed up as Mozart. Your circus scene is absolutely adorable, and I hope you the best! :)

  33. Congrats to all the semi-finalist! Absoluteley fantastic knitting on display. My vote goes to:
    * Dorothy and friends… Don’t you just love the yellow brick road?

  34. Not only is Mozart the cutest, but his creator showed great creativity by modifying the wig!

  35. LOVE these photos :)

    I think “King of the Fungi” is my favorite, with “Snowmen!” following close behind :p

  36. I love the Mozart piggy! As soon as I saw the bouffant wig this is exactly what I imagined…suits him perfectly!

  37. everybody did really well but i gotta say my vote is definitely on the mozart pig ! it’s REALLY good & cute , I mean come on its a lil piggie playing the piano !

  38. Mozart the Pig is abosolute fantabulous! What a superb knitting creation!! He is just adorable. I can imagine him there getting ready to play “kleine nachtmusik” for us with his little hooves on that baby grand piano! This pig clearly stands “head and shoulders” above all the other entries. The craftsmanship, detail and proportion is amazing. This entry is a definite first-place winner! There should be no doubt where the blue ribbon goes. Mozart the Pig is clearly the BEST !!

  39. Definitely Snowmen! Or maybe Waiting for Eggs (because the chickie? Looks just like my Margie!)

  40. The Mozart Piggy is sooo adorable! He’s so cute sitting at his baby grand. That little pink porker is just piggylichious! Mozart The Pig for President!

  41. Waiting for eggs is my vote!

    I love how the measuring spoon gives perspective, and how the targeted focus pulls the eye. Also, the knitting is nice too. =)

  42. Sophie M.:

    I love them all, and of course I would love to see my Mozart piggy go on to the final round! But my other favorites are King of the Fungi and Mochimochi Bros.

  43. I vote for the Mozart pig, he is so cute and the detail and craftsmanship are outstanding. He is so beautiful and the expression on his face reflects so much personality. This entry is truly a winner!!!

  44. After carefully revisiting all entries, I must conclude that my original pick was the correct and best choice. “Mozart Piggie” you have won my heart!! I feel as though our spirits have met somewhere before, and we are destined to become great friends. Remember me as you soar to greatest when you win the 1st Place Honor!!

  45. Mozart piggy is my choice. Design of the wig is truly outstanding and the detail is superb. A winner in all categories!!!

  46. fungus gnome, snowmen, and hello, friend!

    All so cute, so I could only choose three for each batch!

  47. wow, they are all amazing! such wonderful talent!
    so hard to pick! I guess I will have to go for Mozart the pig!

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