Semifinalists ’11, Group Two

Thank you for all the comments on yesterday’s semifinalists in the 2011 Mochimochi Photo Contest! Your input is a huge help as we narrow all these wonderful entries down to the final 10 photos.

And now it’s time for the second group of semifinalists! Along with the 10 photos that we posted yesterday, these are in the running to be finalists, and we need your help deciding which ones move on! CHEER ON YOUR FAVORITES in the comments to this post.

See them all after the jump!

In no particular order:

Adoptable Pocket Protectors by jadesmus


Whoever adopted these guys sure was lucky! Such a cute package and darling illustrations!

Tiny Chicken wants food by littlemama4est


Poor Tiny Chicken can’t quite reach! We love the quiet adorableness of this photo.

Gnome Football by Snickerdoodleloves


Such a fun scene! You can see lots more shots from the game in the knitter’s Flickr stream.

Colorful TV Guy by larisajane


There’s something really hypnotic about this guy. You really want to just stare into his screen!

Tiny Gnome at the beach by LoveInIndy


We love how the hat stays on even for sunbathing. Great photo!

Bunny Garden Tea Cozy by katielewth


How cute and clever is this knit?! Makes me want to do a whole series of tea cozies!

Merry Christmas! by fishmamma


We can definitely get behind this holiday cheer!

A Close Encounter by kappette


Very nice lighting effect! The Human Bean’s very suburban hairstyle is also very fitting.

Mochi Apocalypse by Dragonsnlace


This photo is packed with drama! Knitted blood may have never been cuter.

Tiny Knit Cupcake by Bitter-Sweet-


Beautiful embellishment and use of props!

Amazing job by all of these talented knitters and photographers! Which ones did you love? Don’t forget to ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES in the comments to this post. Then be sure to come back next week for the final vote!

179 thoughts on “Semifinalists ’11, Group Two

  1. hard to choose, but top three:
    tiny knit cupcake
    tiny gnome at the beach
    tiny chicken wants food

  2. oooo – tiny chicken wants food!
    my runner up would be tiny gnome at the beach – thank goodness it’s not a speedo!

  3. I think tiny chicken wants food is my favorite.

    Though, not to nitpick (no pun intended) but aren’t those gnomes playing American football, not soccer? You don’t normally see yard lines on the field for soccer.

  4. Aw, I thought I might have gotten the sport wrong! I’m pretty sure you’re right, Whitney, so I’m going to go ahead and change the title (which I wrote, since the knitter didn’t include one). Thanks for pointing that out!

  5. I thought I had no hope of making the cut, based on the incredible entries I’ve seen so far! I can’t imagine I’ll win, but thanks just for including my little cupcake! :)

  6. These are all so adorable! But the tiny gnome on the beach is my favorite. I love his little hammock!

  7. As a gnome in real life, I know a thing or two about gnoming, and I cast my vote, along with any additional votes I might by entitled to, for the Tiny Gnome at the Beach. This is true artistry.

  8. I think the gnomes playing football are adorable. Plus they go great for football season. Cute cute cute.

  9. I love the mochi apocolypse! Who thinks of these things? The old man with the cane is hilarious!

  10. I vote for Colorful TV Guy! so cool because Larisa took something kitchy like a tv and made it human!

  11. Again, all of these are too cute! I think my three favorites here would have to be the Adoptable Pocket Protector, Tiny Chicken wants Food, and the Bunny Garden Tea Cozy.

  12. all great knits and photos!

    my favorites are tiny chicken wants food and gnome at the beach because of the excellent photography.

  13. Go Gnome Football! That’s got my vote all the way! Fantastic set up and so many super cute gnomes!!
    Great jon snickerdoodlesloves!

  14. these ones are so good, i can’t pick just three. the tiny chicken and the gnome football are great photos while the adopted pocket protectors is such a well thought-out concept. i’m a sucker for a humorous knitted tea cosy, so please add that to my top four for today.

  15. OMG, how do you narrow these down??? They’re all really great.

    If I have to narrow it down, my favorites are the chicken and the apocalypse, because they each seem to be telling a story.

  16. Another great batch!
    I love Gnome Football, especially the referee!
    Mochi Apocalypse is amazing. The overturned car is a nice touch!

  17. The chicken photo is beautifully done. Gnome football is a fun idea. Naturally I’m a little partial to my zombie outbreak though. :)

  18. “Tiny Chicken wants food” by littlemama4est

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I just love it…..its just so cute!!! I feel as though tiny chicken is a real living chicken….I want to help him\her!!


  19. I am so in love with Mochi Apocalypse. I also like Tiny Cupcake and Adoptable Pocket Protectors.

  20. Nothing better than a miniature knitted Zombie Apocalypse to brighten my holidays! LOVE IT!

  21. I’m sad there wasn’t any moose pattern semifinalists, So I’ll have to go with that TV, hes just-so-entrancing!

  22. i must say i like both the close encounter pic, and the mochi apocalypse. but since i’m such a fan of the tv show “the walking dead” , i will have to vote for the mochi apocalypse. go zombies!!!

    i <3 zombies! -kwan (a.k.a. zombie-x-kitty)

  23. Something about tiny chicken wants food-maybe it’s the fact the it’s on the little tippy toes. I love it!

  24. This is so hard!

    I love tiny chicken wants food and a close encounter for their photography, but bunny garden tea cozie for its creativity!

  25. They are all so adorable! But my favorite three are:

    Adoptable Pocket Protectors,
    Tiny Chicken wants food,
    Bunny Garden Tea Cozy.

  26. OMG, I can’t believe I’m in the semifinalists :3. Can I vote for myself? I’m voting for myself… Go TV, GO!

  27. They are all so adorable!!! I am in a zombie mode right now so of course, Mochi Apocalypse by Dragonsnlace is my vote!

  28. What is cuter than Mozart Pig?! He is adorable and he can play piano to boot!! My vote goes to him for sure. I do believe he’s the cutest of all pigs, and I do have a little collection of the flying ones. I would love to add him to my collection!

  29. Close encounter and the cupcake. I’m a sucker for lighting and depth of field shots.

  30. Third time is a charm – so, that are my 3 favorites:

    Tiny Chicken wants food *hunger-y*
    Gnome Football *run gnome run*
    A Close Encounter *beam me up, Scotty*

  31. What cute disaster should be chosen out of them all?
    Mochi Appoint-alypse

    Ok, I was trying to be pun-ny.
    Mochi Apocalypse FTW! It’s very detailed and full of varied creativity.

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