Last Day to Enter Your Photos!

You have until midnight Eastern tonight (Monday, Nov 21) to enter your photos in the 2011 Mochimochi Photo Contest! If you have a fun photo of a toy you knitted from a Mochimochi pattern, quick—add it to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group so that it can be eligible for this year’s contest.

If you miss the deadline, though, don’t despair! Any photos added to the Flickr group after midnight tonight will automatically be in the running for next year’s contest.

To get you inspired to take a last-minute photo, here’s a super semifinalist from last year. Dust Bunnies run away! by kyoti!


8 thoughts on “Last Day to Enter Your Photos!

  1. Anna, will you be checking the Flickr group as well as the website? There’s some entries on Flickr that aren’t showing up on here.

  2. Yes, we will be going through the Flickr group to choose the honorable mentions and then semifinalists.

  3. I realized that the mochimochi I made last year never got really any good pictures taken (that I can find), so I’ll have to try again next year.

  4. S.A – We prefer that you use Flickr, and getting an account is quick and free. But if there’s some reason that you can’t get an account, you can email your low-resolution photos to me at

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