Tiny Tree Stump


He likes to think that being a stump makes him look distinguished. At least, that’s what that nice lumberjack told him….

No caption contest this weekend—we hope many of you are working on entries for the Mochimochi Photo Contest instead! Deadline is Monday (Nov 21st)!

12 thoughts on “Tiny Tree Stump

  1. Being new to this wonderland, wondering if you have patters for your designs – the tiny tree stump of today and all of your other works that are not in your books or on Ravelry. You have taken me to a mysterious and creative land and I adore it.

  2. Welcome Marilyn! There’s no pattern for the tiny tree stump because I just came up with it this morning! I have a challenge to make a new tiny knitted thing every week on my blog, and then I make patterns out of my favorites.

    I do have a long list of patterns to make (including plenty of non-tiny designs), which I’m going through gradually. I always appreciate hearing what people would like to see as patterns!

    Anyway, I’m happy that you stopped by, and I hope you come back often!

  3. Dear Anna,
    you would like to hear what people would like to see?! Then here is my nomination – a cute budgie! Maybe I will try one by using the perching pigeons pattern…
    Greetings from Germany

  4. I’m actually working on the Tiny Sushi patterns right now! I’m planning for an early January release.

  5. I made tiny ninjas with the Human Bean pattern…they came out cool! All of my 11 year old son’s friends wanted them…including his teacher!

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