New Tiny Mochis Pattern Collection!

Since the Gnomes vs Snowmen madness is now winding down, I think it’s high time for a new collection of Tiny Mochi patterns!


These brand-new patterns are some of my favorites from the past year or so of the Tiny series. With just a little time and scrap yarn, you could host a mini bowling tournament, outfit your desk with a family of baby koalas, whip up a pair of ice cream earrings, or make some acorn Thanksgiving favors for next week!

The pattern collection is now available as a PDF download for $5 in the Mochimochi Shop!

6 thoughts on “New Tiny Mochis Pattern Collection!

  1. I just got my Teeny-Tiny MochiMochi book and so far have made: Gnome, ghost, sailboat, and christmas tree. Adorable!

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