Elf Huddle

It has been decided that the best way to display cute holiday knits is to arrange them in a circle!


Miss Cookie has been knitting these darling guys as holiday gifts for her own special elves. The stripes she added make them extra festive, no? You can get the pattern in the shop on its own or as part of the new Holiday package!

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who will be staying up late knitting for the next couple of days. Let us know what YOU’RE frantically trying to finish in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Elf Huddle

  1. I just decided yesterday, after seeing all the cute little mochimochi snowman pics with rainbow scarves…that I NEED to make a bunch of those for Christmas gifts…an admittedly brilliant idea for the 21st of December. At least they are fast! Finished one up last night, and I’ll be cranking out more in the next few days!

  2. I will be mostly knitting a fairisle cushion for my Grandma and a Gruffalo for some friends and not going sleeping :S

  3. I’m actually working on my first pair of Feet Eaters from your book Anna. They’re going swimmingly except for the whole I should have had these done ages ago part. Then it’s on to finishing a pair of gloves and three sets of quick knit fingerless gloves. Thankfully the people that are receiving the latter I will be seeing a few days after Christmas so I’ve got a few extra days to try to crank everything out.

  4. I have a Flushie to finish for my dad, a monster for my mom, and a hat for my sister-in-law. I don’t think the hat will get done in time, but it’s still on my list!

  5. I think I can hear lots of busy needles clicking!

    Mandy, I hope you’ll take pictures of the bacon scarf – sounds awesome!

  6. I’ve been up late knitting scarves and fingerless gloves for my friends, but now, I’m onto snowmen for all my kiddie gifts (then, back onto more scarves and gloves). Next year, I’m vowing to start my holiday gift knitting in October!!

  7. I’ve got to finish a bunch of minions (dwarfs dressed in different colors) to go with the tiny moon I knitted. I can’t think of better stocking stuffers.

  8. I am trying to knit a harry potter gryfindor scarf for my brother before he goes overseas, also leg warmers for my friend, a cactaur for fun, and a bunch of mochimochiland snails cause they are so darn cute!

  9. I am so lucky~ My mother’s friend got me the ‘teeny tiny mochimochi’ book for Christmas! I thought that it was amazing that it found its way to a book store in Malaysia! first things first: gnomes! I gotta win that photo contest next year!

  10. I a scarf for my mom–almost done, but, uh, not yet…

    I also need to finish up some other things, which aren’t just done either…

  11. My Mochimochi Land advent calendar has taken up way too much time and put me behind with all my other crafting! I still have the last one, the angel to go… have to get her finished today. I’m also racing through a gorgeous crocheted purse for my daughter, and haven’t even started my sewing. I just keep crossing things off my crafting list that I know I won’t get to :)

  12. I’ve got an almost finished hat for my older sister, then I have to start a hat for my dad and a scarf for my brother, as well as a dice-bag for my sister’s fiance.

  13. I’m frantically(ish) trying to finish a mochimochi snowman to make into an ornament for my coworker! Luckily I am already done the rest of my ornaments :)

  14. Soooo… I’m making a cowl, fingerless gloves, maybe an elf if there’s time. So much to do! Oh, and a big felt owl for a friend too…

  15. My desk is a war zone right now-come within a four-foot radius of it and you’re sure to get hit with or trip over yarn. :D i’ve got several projects in the making- haven’t completely decided which will be done in time for the big day. A scarf that I (quite ashamedly) have been working on for months-the thing is, it’s easy, but I have been so tempted with other projects that making a simple scarf has been a tedious chore!

    Also attempted my first mitten the other day-haven’t got time to start its mate. Plus a mochimochi squirrel for myself, and 3 hats in the past 2 days..

  16. Mittens and a felted hat! But I recently got the clogs and the wine tote done and I desperately want to finish my own fingerless mitts.

  17. I’ve made 15 reindeer and paired them with my football gnomes, turning all into ornaments. Got those out last week thankfully… But still have 3 hats to make and a wedding gift to finish cross stitching. Yeah, none if which are going to be completed until after the new year, thanks to moving! Gah!

  18. Hmm, I’m really trying to get your “Which Came First” pattern done. Got the eggshell, chicken body, wings, and beak done. Going to make a great gift for my dad who tortured me w/ the whole which came first thing as a kid! :)

  19. I actually just finished up a fingering weight shawl that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. I swear I put at least 30 hours into that thing and I finally finished it this morning at 9am. On to the next project!

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