Plinky the Piano

Update: The pattern for Plinky & Plunky is now available!

Last week I dropped everything because I decided on a whim that I just had to knit a piano. Meet Plinky!


Plinky was one of the more challenging knits I’ve undertaken in a while, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. I don’t currently have a name for his bench friend, so I’m open to suggestions. (If I use yours, you’ll get the pattern for free!)

I’ll be working on the pattern in the next couple of months!

70 thoughts on “Plinky the Piano

  1. This is brilliant! When I saw the name, I immediately thought of “Pinky and the Brain” so I think the bench has to be the evil mastermind trying to take over the world and the piano the sidekick! Plinky and the Bench!
    Can’t wait for the pattern to be available-I love it!

  2. If the bench is anything like the one we had in my house growing up, he should be named Shakey. Or maybe Wobbles.

  3. How about Plonky.

    Plinky and plonky have a wonderful time, they play together all the time. When nights are long and skies are grey, stop by their house and hear them play.

  4. I LOVE Plinky! I see the next pattern that I’m buying…

    Oh, when will the sushi Tiny Collection be released?

  5. Funben (foon-ben)! It means stool in Japanese~ Funben the piano bench~ Or isu (ee-soo) which means chair in Japanese.

  6. Random thought: Its almost like a feeling you have. How are you today Mr Piano? “Ben Plinky” HA!

  7. Hi, I love that little Plinky! I’m a piano teacher so can’t wait to knit him and have him in my piano room. A comfortable piano stool is very important – I hope that little bench knows how special he is. Mr Plinky and his fellow Special Bench agent.

  8. Barnabus Bach The Bench
    I think it would be funny to have a serious, snooty sounding bench to go with Plinky the Piano.

  9. Oh my gosh, I love this! And will definitely make this – I have quite a few people who would adore getting a Plinky of their very own.

  10. That is adorable! I think Mr. Tufts for the bench’s name, don’t know why just think it sounds right. Plinky and Mr. Tufts are ready to go on the road! :)

  11. Clanky, should be the bench’s name, so him and Plinky can play classical music, but Clanky can also show Plinky how to break out and rock every once and a while!!!

  12. i dont know why but i sorta think that Plinky looks all innocent but at any moment could just open up his keys eat you up then go on a rampage around the whole world…TO BE CONTINUED dun dun dun

  13. How about Plinky and Squats – the poor bench is squaty before the big piano, or Plinky and Stinky :-) the bench being sat upon all the time :-) (obviously I have all boys in my house so my thinking goes kindof gross boy like :-)

  14. Perhaps not very original, but ‘Schroeder’ from Peanuts since the piano reminds me of his little piano, and Schroeder never had a bench. So it could be named after him in his honor! :)

  15. I am loving all these bench name suggestions – thank you! I haven’t settled on any for sure, but I’ll keep you all updated when something is official!

  16. I think you should name it Sir Hercules, because if I was a piano bench, I might feel some remorse at not being made into a piano, or even a violin (which is not quite as big as a piano, but still just as brilliant), and a flouncy and pompous name like that would be a great encouragement.

  17. My mind went to Plonky too! So not very original! What ever his name is, he always gives Plinky a standing ovation! Plinky too by the way! Always one to make things complicated I am plotting to make him actually playable! :D

  18. A good name would be set the seat.
    Otto the ottoman.
    Beck the bench.
    Melody the music maker.
    Hope you like them!

  19. I think cushy (cushie) is kind of a cute name, he does look very soft and pillow-like. By the way I am loving your book teeny-tiny mochimochi =)

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