The Mochi of Oz

Even though it didn’t make it into the finals, Hippycritical’s Dorothy and her friends got lots of love in the semifinalist round of the photo contest.


What you probably didn’t know is that Hippycritical (aka Aimee) made a whole mochi-fied cast of characters from The Wizard of Oz!

Wicked Witch and her Monkeys


Munchkins (knitted on size 0 needles)


And the Yellow Brick Road, of course!


You can see more photos from the series on Aimee’s Flickr page. Kudos to her for such creativity and clever pattern mods!

8 thoughts on “The Mochi of Oz

  1. I’m so glad to see Hippycritical’s entry received its own post. Dorothy and her friends were my favorite from the photo contest.

  2. Thanks for the love! I completely enjoyed making these. My daughter (who is 10) painted the backdrops for me :) I said this on my own blog, but when I was in the semifinals, I was just tickled to be included. Once Dorothy was in the finals, I went a little crazy, biting my nails waiting to hear! Fun fun fun!

  3. I so love the yellow brick road, and that last photo from behind with that wonderful backdrop is awesome. A great team effort!

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