Tiny Kits in Creative Knitting

Hey look—My Tiny Kits are featured in the January issue of Creative Knitting!



I’m thrilled to see my little Tiny Burger in print. It’s so cool that he caught the eye of a magazine! Thank you, Creative Knitting!

And I agree that the kits make nifty gifts for knitters—you can find all seven kits, each of which knits up two or more Tiny Mochis, in the Mochimochi Shop! We’ve been shipping out quite a few for the holidays this month. For people in the US, order by December 20th (and choose Priority mail) for delivery by the 24th.

We also wholesale the kits, so if your LYS doesn’t carry them, please encourage them to get in touch!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Kits in Creative Knitting

  1. Awesome! I haven’t tried the kits yet.

    On Twitter you said that you are knitting a piano. Will you make a pattern for it in your shop? I would buy it if you did.

  2. the zombie kit i got was AMAZING!!!!!!
    (i was able to make 4 zombies)
    have you thought of doing a tiny sheep for your tiny series?
    that would be so cool….

  3. Lachlan – I’m planning to blog about the piano today in fact!

    mireya – I’m so glad you were happy with the kit! It’s really fun to put something together that is a physical thing and not just a PDF.

  4. Oh I wish I could, Tracey, but because that pattern is also in my book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi I can’t offer it separately – that’s the agreement I have with my publisher. But I do plan to add other new designs soon!

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