15 thoughts on “How to Woo a Cupid

  1. Adorable! Love their little belly buttons – nice touch. I wish I had a little cupid to give me a heart and a smoshy kiss. : )

  2. There’s a girl who wants me to make a bunch of mochimochi for her but I don’t the time and supplies. But she’s not one of those people who take ‘no’ for an answer and if she does, she might think I’m one of those people who hate her and try to make my life miserable. How do I get rid off her?

  3. Vanessa,

    Even if she is the kind of girl who doesn’t take no for an answer I would suggest that you just stick to your guns. You could even direct her perhaps to a place to take a knitting class, and the website so she can buy the patterns and learn to knit herself. Or you could price your creations accordingly including cost of materials, and labor, and then give her the numbers and see what she says. Worst case scenario she still wants them, and you could be able to make a bit of side cash and do something you love or you could just direct her to another knitter who might be willing. :-)

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