Tiny Kits at White River Yarns

I haven’t mentioned it here much on the blog, but my Tiny Mochi Kits have been finding their way into local yarn stores across the country over the past year. The latest LYS to carry them is White River Yarns in White River Junction, VT!


I had the pleasure of visiting last week during a trip to see family in New Hampshire. It’s such a charming store, and owner Karen is just lovely (although a little camera shy).


I was thrilled to see the display she had set up with my kits and with the new Spring 2012 issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine, which includes an interview with me. It was my first time seeing it, so I was doubly excited!


If your LYS isn’t carrying the Tiny Mochi Kits, please encourage them to get in touch!

I’m also looking to find a few sales reps for the kits in different areas of the country (with the exception of NYC, New England, and TX, OK, AR). If you are interested, please contact me at info@mochimochiland.com.

10 thoughts on “Tiny Kits at White River Yarns

  1. That’s right, they each have around 24 yards of yarn in them, AND you can make 3 little guys from that! (Or 2 in the case of the burger and the Santa.)

  2. I love the kits. I wonder if you could sell them in my favorite local shop (Gather Here, in Cambridge MA). I should ask when I go there on Saturday!

  3. That would be really nice, Seanna Lea! Especially since I don’t have any retailers in Mass at all. I’m hoping to get the word out more!

  4. This makes me really sad that in all years I spent in that area while in school that I never went to White River Junction to check out that particular yarn shop. Someday when I actually have the time and or money to participate in alumni activities I will have to go and visit the store if it is still there. I would love to urge my local yarn shops to have the tiny knit kits, where would I go to get pertinent information about the kits to them? I have the book that I could show them but I would also love to have purchasing information etc for them so that I can pique their interest.

  5. Yay for WRY! We visited there 2 weeks ago while visiting relatives. We’d heard your MIL was there earlier in the day. My DD and I are avid Teeny Tiny makers. I wished we’d had some with us to show off! I used to have my tiny panda in my purse.

    We had a great shopping experience and can’t wait to return to the store I mean relatives again!

  6. Candais – this is actually a new store, so you didn’t miss it in the past (although I think there was another one in town for a long time).

    I don’t post wholesale info publicly, but I’ll email it to you!

  7. I love Fancy Tiger!!!

    Venessa – those are areas where I have sales reps – people presenting the kits to stores locally. But that doesn’t mean that the kits can be found everywhere in those areas.

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