A Majestic Tiny Dinosaur Surveys his Cookies

I was psyched to see herds of bunnies spring up over the weekend in the Flickr group for our Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest! You’ve got one more week to enter, which is plenty of time to knit up some bunnies and photograph them doing something cute and creative.

To give us all a little inspiration, here’s neledh’s awesome photo of a very tiny dinosaur (from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi) feeling very big!


I love how the lighting and short depth of field makes a simple scene very epic. And now I want to eat cookies.

But you don’t have to do fancy photo effects to make a great entry for our bunny contest. We’re looking for creativity and fun more than a professional-looking photo.

See our full contest details on how to enter and maybe win lots of beautiful Koigu yarn!

8 thoughts on “A Majestic Tiny Dinosaur Surveys his Cookies

  1. also, i love the bunnies contest, but i don’t like double pointed needles. can i try and knit flat?

  2. Thank you Roxanne! Yes, I’m working on a pattern for the Girl Scout – watch out for it soon!

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