Mochimochi Land is on Pinterest!

Update: It’s awesome to see so many of you are on Pinterest! I’m looking forward to sharing inspiration and ideas there!

I suddenly caught the Pinterest bug last week! And then I caught pinkeye—yuck… So I’ve had a few days of downtime to pin some of my favorite things.


So far I’m pinning some of my favorite character art and plushes, along with favorite Mochimochi characters and mods. I hope to make more boards as the inspiration hits me! You can find me on Pinterest as Mochimochiland.

Speaking of social networks, you can also find Mochimochi Land on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and of course Ravelry! Sometimes I announce special discounts through these channels, so keep your eyes open!

Are you on Pinterest? If so, what do you use it for? Please share!

4 thoughts on “Mochimochi Land is on Pinterest!

  1. Using Pinterest to keep track of crafty and wedding ideas. Saves me from printing out things!

  2. I just started using Pinterest and I have been pinning things from mochimochiland! I love your patterns and I recently bought the fantasy patterns so that I can knit a tiny yeti!

  3. I use pinterest in many ways. I use it to collect interesting craft ideas. I also use it to collect clothing and home decor ideas. After a session of pinning, I review my boards and can determine a personal trend which helps me define my style. Saves random notes and printing.

  4. I too caught the pinterest bug just last week – finding it very useful for keeping ideas/ images together rather than saving things in random places on my computer and then forgetting where I put them!! :)

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