Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest! We were so thrilled to have more than 300 PHOTOS entered, and you all really came through with the creativity: your bunnies were dramatic, educational, and hilarious.

There were so many wonderful entries that we’re going to be featuring many of them throughout the month of April. It was agony choosing just three to be our winners, but we had to narrow it down so that someone could win our prizes, these baskets of beautiful, colorful Koigu yarn. Thank you Koigu!


Are you ready for the winners? See them after the jump!

Our third place winner:

Mr. Bun E. Wins the Lottery by rboushay


The Powerbun drawing: “…and these are the resulkts for the Powerbun drawing for April 7, 2012.”


The Powerbun winner: Mr. Bun E. proudly accepts his check for $50,000,000! Never in a million years did he think he’d be lucky enough to win the Powerbun lottery.


Friends come out of the woodwork: Mr. Bun E. suddenly notices he has a lot more friends and family than he ever thought he did. Oh well, there’s enough money to go around. Let’s party!


The lottery changed Bun’s life: Five years later, Mr. Bun E. has run out of money and loses his beloved rabbit hole to the bank. Poor Mr. Bun E…

The moral of the story is, if you should ever be lucky enough to win the Powerbun lottery, or any other lottery for that matter, please be responsible with your winnings!

Our second place winner:

Building an Empire by Zdenija

Tiny bunnies build an empire in Egypt under the sun!







And our first place winner, getting that huge basket of yarn, is…

How Many Bunnies Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? by Knitjvf


Bunnies Converge: “How many bunnies does it take to change a lightbulb?”


Oh we have plans


Balancing Act


Thanks for the help: Answer: “Um, none really, they are Tiny Bunnies…but they lend great moral support to the person who does.”

Congratulations to these very creative knitters and bunny masters!!!

There were many more series and single photos entries that we were crazy about, so stay tuned to see more of our favorites here in the coming days and weeks. And again, thank you so much to everyone who entered, and thank you to our sponsor Koigu!

11 thoughts on “Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest Winners!

  1. Bummed that I lost, but, I have to say I had a fun time taking pictures of Tiny Bunnies at Epcot!

    Congrats to the winners! I hope that something beautiful comes out of that lovely yarn!

  2. Congratulations to the the well deserving winners and to all the contestants!! I would hate to have had the job of selecting the top 3 entries from all those creative photos. I think every single one is a winner – not a bad bunny in the whole crowd!

  3. congratulations to the winners! my bun-buns are sad that they lost, but they’re glad that i decided to enter (otherwise, they wouldn’t exist) – so, it worked out for them, in the end!

    Congratulations. I really admire the creativity and fantasy.

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