Tiny Bunny Cannibalism?

We announced the winners of the Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest yesterday, but we had so many favorites that we’re going to be featuring many more here on the blog!

This scene is not for the weak at heart…. it appears that some bunnies don’t take kindly to their marshmallow counterparts. Eek!


The photo is by Laliebugs. We love the sick sense of humor!

You can see all 300+ Tiny Baby Bunnies Contest entries in the Mochimochi Friends Flickr Group. And you can knit your own Tiny Baby Bunnies with the free pattern!

5 thoughts on “Tiny Bunny Cannibalism?

  1. Haven’t seen anything this horrible since Sparticus! I can smell the burnt sugar.

  2. They just need a graham cracker and some chocolate and they can have a feast!!! Would that be cannibalism?

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