Cowboy Zombie by Withmyneedles

Ladies: do you go for plainspoken, outdoorsy types who will love you for your brains? Then Cowboy Zombie just might be the man of your dreams!


Withmyneedles made this little green guy, gave him a custom hat, and plunked him down on a “zombiedillo.” Yee-arrrggghh!

(The Tiny Zombie pattern can be found in the Mochimochi Shop as part of the Tiny Collection 4 and also as a kit, and the Tiny Armadillo pattern is in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.)

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12 thoughts on “Cowboy Zombie by Withmyneedles

  1. OMG he is so cute! Living in Calgary and the fact that we are celebrating the 100th anniv. of the Calgary Stampede…..I think I may have to make this little guy!

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