Pee-Wee Cards Giveaway Winner

Thanks everyone for sharing your fun Pee-Wee’s Playhouse memories over the weekend! Your comments brought back even more nostalgic Pee-Wee times to me.

Today’s secret word is… WINNER!


The winner (AAAAAAAAHHH) of this original 1988 Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Fun Pak is…


Comment number 23, written by Kristen E!

Penny and Jambi were totally my favorites. :) You’re absolutely right – Pee Wee’s Playhouse made Saturday mornings more magical! I miss it!

Congrats, Kristen! May this Fun Pak contain a bit more of that magic for you.

These cards are relatively rare items, so I thought I’d open another Fun Pak and share what’s inside. The contents didn’t disappoint!


Stickers, temporary tattoos, one of those hologram image-thingies… and thankfully, no stale piece of 24-year-old gum. I hope the winner’s (AAAAAAAAHHH) Fun Pak is just as fun!

3 thoughts on “Pee-Wee Cards Giveaway Winner

  1. Pee-Wee rocks! He really likes the Hrumph you made for him with matching bow tie!

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