Sumo v Sushi

The long-awaited fight of the summer is here! Live on tape from Mochimochi Land, it’s SUMO V SUSHI!


Not pictured is the victor devouring his foe backstage, along with the rest of the Tiny Sushi Bar Set. Oh the humanity!

Linda was the first person to match up these competitors when Tiny Sumo Wrestler made his debut, so she wins an adorable Little Twin Stars Re-ment set. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions!

Now the question is: will the world’s smallest heavyweight continue to pick fights with other tiny mochis, or has his appetite for roughhousing been sated?

15 thoughts on “Sumo v Sushi

  1. He can come to the U.S. for July 4 and take part in the Coney Island hot dog eating contest — meaning he would challenge Tiny Hot Dog next!

  2. I can imagine him devouring some mushroom next. Perhaps he has to fight the gnome first to get to them…

  3. I wrote 2 haikus for mochimochi sumo:

    Sumo is hungry,
    Attack and eat the sushi,
    Success! Got It! Yum!

    Now still too hungry,
    Over to Australia,
    There’s the giant prawn!

  4. Can he tackle the dirty dishes in my sink next? I think he should at least do something for the good of society. :D Maybe find an odd sock under my son’s bed?

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