Tiny Zombie Class at Lion Brand Yarn Studio on Sept 23

If you’re new to tiny knitting and live in the NYC area, I have a class coming up in September just for you!

On September 23 I’ll be teaching a Tiny Zombie knitting class at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in Manhattan. We’ll cover all of my tips and tricks for knitting really tiny toys, and you’ll take home a finished Tiny Zombie that you made in class!


See the Lion Brand Yarn Studio website for all the info and how to sign up.

I haven’t been teaching many classes lately—my time is largely taken up with designing these days—so this is a rare opportunity to see exactly how I knit tiny mochis and get started doing it yourself. I’ll also bring other samples from my new book Super-Scary Mochimochi for a meet and greet, so it’s going to be a lot of fun!

12 thoughts on “Tiny Zombie Class at Lion Brand Yarn Studio on Sept 23

  1. Oh I really wish I was able to go… I’m stuck all the way on the other side of the country. :'( Sounds fun, though.

  2. Sorry you can’t make it, Hasol! Hopefully I’ll do something like this on the West Coast one of these days..

    Lachlan – yes, the tiny zombie pattern will be in my new book, with a little something extra to it. (Everything else in the book will be all-new.)

  3. I love this photo Anna! And do I spy a little girlie zombie with barrettes? Genius if I do!
    And I too would love to go. :(
    (I just knit 9 of them but haven’t had time to do my pic. Stay tuned. :P)

  4. I agree with Joan: how did you manage to keep them standing?

    I just thought of another sneak peak besides the zombies and the cover! Remember when Anna knitted a tiny witch? She said “The bad news about Tiny Witch is that the pattern for her won’t be out for a long time. The good news is that she will be in a new book that’s coming out next fall!”

  5. I’m super excited, I’m going to Seattle tomorrow and might be able to go to Schmancy! :-D YAY!

  6. To make the little zombies stand up, I just stuck a toothpick (or rather half a toothpick) into each one’s backside. If the legs are far enough apart, they’ll usually balance well that way. I had to use Photoshop to erase some of the toothpicks that were showing, but it’s also pretty easy to position them so you don’t see them in the original shot.

  7. And I really wish I could come to the class and find out how you do your eyes. Mine always come out wonky and a bit angry on my tinys. Maybe a video tutorial in the future? :)

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