Bonbons Giveaway Winners

The time has come to choose the winners in our Lion Brand Bonbons giveaway!

Earlier this month, I asked you to leave a comment on the giveaway post telling us about the smallest thing you’ve ever knit, for a chance to win the new Bonbons yarn from Lion Brand. At the time of choosing, we had 293 comments—wow!

The tiny gnomes have been bugging me to involve them more in the official business of Mochimochi Land, so I thought I’d indulge them by letting them choose the winners out of a bowl.


Before choosing the winners, the gnomes insisted on first going for a swim in the pieces of paper. This was a big waste of time, if you ask me, and two them suffered from paper cuts, just as I had warned them.


I finally got them to choose one winner each. The first gnome picked ZZZ, which we decided must be 222.


Commenter 222 is coryy:

The smallest thing I ever knit was an olive–and I messed up the shape, so it became yoda’s head. I knit a teeny sweater to go with and a belt, and ended up with a yoda finger puppet!

The next number they picked was 165….


That’s beffuh:

The smallest thing I’ve ever knit was a hat for a matching Christmas jacket I made for my sister’s stuffed animal bear. I made it up in the car on the drive over and it turned out quite well, I must say! :)

And our final number is 106…



The smallest thing has been the gnome from your book! I wish I lived closer to the Lion Brand studio.. ;)

(The gnomes were especially excited about this last winner.)

Each of these winners will get three packages of Bonbons yarn! The yarn comes in three varieties (acrylic, cotton, and metallic), each of which comes in two beautiful color assortments—check them out on the Lion Brand website.

If you are one of the winners, look for an email from me soon asking for your information.

After choosing the winners, the gnomes decided that they would rather keep the Bonbons for themselves, since the little balls of yarn are appropriately tiny gnome-sized. Selfish gnomes!


I told them they would have to learn to knit first—I’ve tried to teach them several times, but their attention spans are just about as short as they are.

A huge thank-you to Lion Brand for sponsoring this giveaway, and thank you to all of you who entered with your comments about super small knits! (By the way, the gnomes had a little help from

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  1. Lol…those gnomes, :) They are very helpful little guys aren’t they? Very cute.

  2. That is awesome! While I am sad to not win, I can probably find the yarn in one of the better stocked LYS (eventually) or just go on a trip to NY!

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