Future Knitter

I got to spend last week on vacation with my sister and adorable niece Nora! I already knew that Nora was a fantastic baby, but I found out on our trip that she is also an aspiring yarn artist.


At almost eight months old, Nora still shares many similarities with my cats. I’m thinking that will change quickly, but I’m hoping the yarn obsession is here to stay!

11 thoughts on “Future Knitter

  1. This baby is deserving of lots of gushing. She’s the most pleasant baby I’ve ever met! Happy and ready to smile. The perfect guest!!

  2. Are you still in Maine? Can you come and visit me? I live in Brunswick by topsham. I am 12 and I have all your books and love teeny tiny things!(now if only my mom wold quit steeling them) ;) plz come and I will play my violin for you! Plz email me:)

  3. She is a cutie pie! Nieces are so much fun to knit for, but I bet it would be even more fun to pass the knitting bug on. Way to start her young!

  4. Hi, that’s so strange Brin! I’m twelve too and have all her books and love teeny things and have a mom who steals them and I play the violin! :-) Whoa… Except I live in Oregon… :-P To far away for Anna to see me. Anna, is where your parents live close to Tulsa? Because I will be going to Tulsa soon and possibly going to loops yarn store. I was wondering if you were teaching a class there anytime soon.. If so can you please email me because I would really love to take a class from you.

  5. Nora can’t wait for the knitting lessons from Aunt Anna! She had such a fun time with you (and your yarn.)

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