On Location

I’ve been in Tulsa since last Wednesday to hang out with family and work with my book photographer, Brandi Simons! My photo trips have been one of the highlights of my year since Brandi and I starting working together for my first book, Knitting Mochimochi, three years back. Brandi is a blast work with, and I’m always in love with the cute, hilarious, and beautiful images she somehow creates. And the fact that she lives across the street from my parents is incredible luck!

Since the books that we work on are always scheduled to come out an entire year later, it makes it difficult to share what we’re doing at the time, but I’ve remembered to snap a few photos with my iPhone this time. I can’t show much of the subjects, but here’s a peek of a couple of the shoots from the past few days.



Our prop list this time has been impressive, including everything from a rubber duck to a Jolly Roger flag to helium balloons. And we’re shooting in some of the most glamorous locations that Tulsa has to offer, including multiple bathrooms!


Any guesses of what the featured toy for this location was?

I can’t even express how excited I am about the photos Brandi has taken so far this time. Of course, I felt the same way last summer when she was doing the photography for Super-Scary Mochimochi. I’ll share another photo from that book in the final sneak preview tomorrow! (What-to-Werewolf and Toaster Ghost were the first two previews.) Just one more week before the on-sale date!

9 thoughts on “On Location

  1. I don’t know what the featured toy could be (well, I have lots of ideas, but I am probably wrong). But in the 2nd photo, is one of the creatures a pill bug! It is super cute even if I am wrong!

  2. Ack, I don’t know if I can wait another whole year to find out what are in the pics above since I am having a hard time being patient for another week right now. :D

  3. The toys in the second photo look so cute! And I’m guessing a rubber ducky toy for the bathroom shot. :)

  4. OMG that squid in the second picture is so adorable!!! Please let that be a pattern – I don’t mind waiting if it is!

  5. I spy with my little eye a pill bug (aka Roly poly), and a squid.
    I guess toothpaste and brush for the bathroom scene.

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