Super-Scary Event at Lion Brand Yarn Studio

NYC knitters: please join me on September 20th for a Super-Scary Mochimochi talk and Q&A at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio!

I am thrilled to return to the studio, this time with all the cute and spooky creatures from my new book. (I’ll also be signing copies, of course!) Space is limited, so please RSVP at the Lion Brand Studio website for this free event.

And I think there are still a few open spots in the Tiny Zombie class I’ll be teaching on September 23rd at the studio. If you’re new to knitting tiny mochis, this is the class for you!


9 thoughts on “Super-Scary Event at Lion Brand Yarn Studio

  1. I wish I lived in america. than I would deffinitely come! hey Isabelle above me my name is Isabelle to. spelt the same way and everything!!! crazy huh!!!

  2. So excited- I just RSVP’ed! There’s still a small chance that I might not be able to make it, but I will do my best. I want to see you and your latest masterpiece, after all. :)

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