A Super-Scary Yarn Crawl

I had big ambitions this past weekend to hit up all of the yarn stores in the NYC Yarn Crawl, each of which was hosted a spooky toy from Super-Scary Mochimochi! Well, I didn’t quite get to all 11 stores, but I made it to four, which is more than my monthly average of yarn store visits at least!

Shoppers at Knitty City were greeted by a tall monster who’s more goofy than scary…

Argyle had a Mama Bear Cave in store for visitors brave enough to check out the back of the store…

Brooklyn General housed a weird box monster who was keeping watch over their sewing machines…

And Purl Soho had a Sarcophacat lurking at the bottom of a display table!

I hope participants in the yarn crawl had fun finding these guys and all the others!

My thanks to Phyllis for making this a Super-Scary weekend for NYC knitters, and also to Pearl at Knitty City for hosting a book signing on Saturday!

8 thoughts on “A Super-Scary Yarn Crawl

  1. You should come to the Portland area for our yarn crawl. Last year we had 19 store participating!

  2. Mama Bear Cave has to be on my list for one of my bear-loving friends. I think it is friendly enough to meet her strict bear-related standards!

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