A Super-Scary Yarn Crawl

I had big ambitions this past weekend to hit up all of the yarn stores in the NYC Yarn Crawl, each of which was hosted a spooky toy from Super-Scary Mochimochi! Well, I didn’t quite get to all 11 stores, but I made it to four, which is more than my monthly average of yarn store visits at least!

Shoppers at Knitty City were greeted by a tall monster who’s more goofy than scary…

Argyle had a Mama Bear Cave in store for visitors brave enough to check out the back of the store…

Brooklyn General housed a weird box monster who was keeping watch over their sewing machines…

And Purl Soho had a Sarcophacat lurking at the bottom of a display table!

I hope participants in the yarn crawl had fun finding these guys and all the others!

My thanks to Phyllis for making this a Super-Scary weekend for NYC knitters, and also to Pearl at Knitty City for hosting a book signing on Saturday!

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  1. You should come to the Portland area for our yarn crawl. Last year we had 19 store participating!

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