Who’s Got the Button?

Remember these guys?


I’ve been sending them out with physical purchases from the Mochimochi Shop for the past month or so, and I’ve also been giving them away at some recent NYC events. The response to these itty-bitty gnome buttons has been awesome!

So now I’m thinking that I should make more buttons with other tiny mochi characters, and have them available as a set of 4 in the shop. But which characters to buttonize?? I need your help!

Here are a few options that I’m kicking around…


Any of these tickle your fancy? Or are there other tiny mochis that you’d like to see as a button? Please let me know in the comments!

Maybe we can make it a little more exciting too. If you are the first to list a particular four-character button combo, and if I end up making that exact set, you’ll get it for free once it’s ready! (That should be sometime before the end of the year.) Remember that you can suggest any tiny character I’ve ever designed—it doesn’t have to include the above guys (although it’ll probably definitely include the gnome).

I’d love your input—thanks!

79 thoughts on “Who’s Got the Button?

  1. And I totally forgot about all the characters in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi! Tiny Chicken, Tiny Easter Bunny, Tiny Hot Dog… it’s going to be tough to narrow it down.

  2. I don’t think I could narrow it down either! I think an overall theme would be cute. Like all little fantasy guys like the gnome, yeti, zombie and mermaid. Food like the burger, sushi, hot dog and ice cream I think would be really fun as a set too.

  3. Oh you’ve got to include the tiny bunny! That’s a classic. Here’s the 4 I would pick: Tiny Bunny, Tiny Panda, Tiny Unicorn, and Tiny Pirate. It all made sense till I got to the Pirate, right? But he’s just so awesome, I couldn’t leave him out, even though my other 3 picks are a little more sweet and cuddly.

  4. Sushi please! I also love tiny monkeys, tiny elephant, tiny unicorn, and tiny snowman… But there aren’t many tiny characters I don’t like. :)

  5. Tiny bee, tiny rainbow, tiny ice cream and tiny squirrel from your latest tiny falls pattern!! :D

  6. Sushi is my favorite but I think you a holiday edition like the snowman with an alternative background color.

  7. Tiny Unicorn, Tiny Gnome, Tiny Cowboy (I think I’ve seen one in your gallery of photos?), and Tiny Mermaid. Gnome and Cowboy fight over the mermaid, but the mermaid realizes her one true love is her trusty steed, the unicorn.

  8. Christmas collection – gnome, snowman, angel, santa. Or nerd collection – gnome, zombie, rocket and donut.

  9. The Tiny HotDog might be my most favorite Tiny Mochi…I think he should be included!

    Also love the pencil…

  10. I think it would be great to have a seasonable pack. Tiny Santa, tiny candy corn, tiny baby bunny, and tiny firecracker. Obviously there are plenty of choices for both Halloween, Christmas and Easter, but I only remember the one choice for July 4.

  11. I really like tiny snowman for wintertime, of the pictures above I fancy Pirate and sushi…

  12. The chicken is my all time favorite!

    Of the one’s pictured i love the hamburger most, but really they are all so CUTE!

  13. I think the ambiguity would lead me out of the running to actually win a set, but I love the idea of you making them themed. Like a food theme, and a “bad guys” theme (zombie, pirate, viking, clown) or a farm animal theme, or a magic theme. They’re all pretty awesome, though, so whatever set you do will be great!

  14. Even though his pattern hasn’t been released yet – tiny squirrel! He’s just adorable. Also love tiny monkey (clutching his banana of course), tiny hot dog…. and I do think that tiny ebi sushi is so cute :)

  15. I’m loving these combo suggestions! It’s super helpful to hear which one are button-worthy to you guys.

    Lizz – I’m thinking I’ll sell them in packs of 4 in my shop, if that’s what you’re asking. Although I’ll probably also keep shipping them out as little gifts when people buy books or kits from my shop.

  16. I love my tiny gnome button!!!
    I would probably go with the very unhelpful, all of them! But if I had to choose I would say gnome, chicken, zombie and pirate.
    And I too think you could also do a holiday set of snowman, Santa, tree and reindeer.

  17. I like the idea of a ‘teeny tiny people’ set. I’d go with, Gnome, Zombie (love him), pirate and viking :)

  18. Tiny Viking does tickle my fancy. I’d love to see a tiny St. Patrick for March.
    Love, Love, Love them all!

  19. I suggest a tiny rainbow, tiny sushi, tiny superhero, and tiny panda. Or a set of gnome no evil, see, speak and hear would be awesome too!!!

  20. You should stick to a theme. Like, cupcake, donut, sushi, and burger. Or people. Or animals. But I think food would be best.

  21. How about themed sets of 4? Food- sushi, hotdog, burger, cupcake. People- pirate, gnome, viking, mermaid. Exotic animals- panda, lion, elephant, monkey. Common animals- fish, chicken, hamster, pig. Prehistoric- caveman, dino, volcano, armadillo (come on- they look prehistoric!). With special sets for holidays like tree, Santa, star and reindeer or zombie, robot, bat and alien. The possible combinations are mind-boggling!

  22. I think what would appeal the most and what I think is the cutest is: Tiny gnome, tiny unicorn, tiny panda, and tiny hamburger.:)

  23. Gnome

    I do love my Tiny Gnome button – he brings me good knitting luck!

    Or I like the themed sets of 4, and you can rotate them out every couple of months.

  24. Burger for sure!! And Dragon would be sweet too!!! Actually all of them would be awesome!!! :D

  25. I love my little gnome button that I got in a unicorn kit for my birthday!
    tiny zombie
    tiny yeti
    tiny burger
    tiny unicorn
    are my vote ^_^

  26. I am so sad right now. I have lost my lovely button, it came off my jacket. If it isn’t in the car it means I may have lost it forever.
    Or at least until you come out with the button collections and I can buy one. :)

  27. Turtle

    These may seem strange, but they all are connected to my first full time job! (I work in a computer center, where we have brought in our pet turtles and squirrels, and we often eat donuts!)

  28. Viking, Rainbow, Unicorn, Sushi

    Tiny viking can ride the unicorn to valhalla over the tiny rainbow. The sushi is for his lunch incase he gets hungry.

  29. I really think you should do the zombie, monkey, earth, and computer. Those would look really neat!

  30. I would love to see tiny pineapple, tiny penguin or tiny doughnut….maybe even the camera.

  31. This may have been suggested already…but what about setting up themed sets. Xmas, Spring, sports….etc?

  32. the zombie
    the pirate
    then the panda

    I have been putting the mochi mochi books of my gift list for two years now so I hope to have them someday!!

  33. tiny sushi..i love the gnome buttons…i would REALLLY appreciate purchasing some! thanks! nikki higgins

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