Snowmen Win, Free Snow Cones for All


The results are in, and Snowmen win! More than 600 of you voted in this very important election to determine which tiny mochi will represent Mochimochi Land for the next four years.

The gnomes shook the snowmen’s hands….


But then they gave a very bitter concession speech, so we’re not even going to show it here.

The snowmen have already gotten to work increasing snowball production…


Installing more icicles in underserved rural areas…


And expanding ice cream distribution for the less fortunate citizens of Mochimochi Land.


Big snowman government, here we come!


Thanks to Jenna Leigh Teti for use of her photography of Gnomes vs Snowmen!

13 thoughts on “Snowmen Win, Free Snow Cones for All

  1. So Cute! I’m glad the Snowmen won! And that house is adorable, I too hope you will share the pattern!

  2. YAY SNOWMEN!!! I have loved all of the pics the last few days. SOOooo creative!! I can’t wait to start making some snowmen scenes for Christmas. The gnomes roasting the snowman…HYSTERICAL! Gnomes peeing in the snow…PRICELESS!

  3. Yay for the snowmen! Will you make a tiny winter kit for winter including snowmen, house, and Santa?

  4. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay snowmen there sooooo adorable :) you should do a tortoise vs hare but bunny vs turtle (like the story) :)

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