Win these Books from Potter Craft

Have you been working on your entries for the Mochimochi Photo Contest?

Last week I featured the first place photos from the previous five years for some inspiration. Now that you’re inspired, I want to get you motivated! What better way to do that than with prizes?

We’re happy to make the contest open to Mochimochi knitters around the world every year, but this year we have a special prize just for the top winner in the US…


Eight beautiful books published by Potter Craft! It’s been a privilege to work with the wonderful people at Potter Craft on Super-Scary Mochimochi and Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi (and also my top-secret next book!), and I’m psyched that they have offered to supply this prize for our photo contest. I’m always impressed with the quality of their books, and I handpicked the above selection as titles that looked perfect for a well-rounded crafter of cute stuff. Check out the Potter Craft website to see all of their books, which you can find in bookstores around the world.

This prize is going to our top winner who is living in the US (who will also win other prizes, depending on her or his placement in the contest), but we have lots of great prizes this year going to winners regardless of country, including gift certificates and cute Japanese stationery (more on that soon!).

A big thank-you to Kim Small and Potter Craft!

The deadline for entries is December 3rd, so you have tons of time to enter! See full contest details.

4 thoughts on “Win these Books from Potter Craft

  1. Aww its a shame that they only go to the people in the US, if I won, I would definitely pay for them freight to my country lol. I cant wait to add more pics to the photo comp this weekend!! It’s my first year and I’m so excitied! and even more excited to get the rest of your books I dont have for chrissy!!

  2. i will try to enter but i had problems trying to upload my picture in time last time and couldn’t enter.

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