On the Set with Tiny Cavemen

We’re having a “wintry mix” day in NYC, so I thought it was the perfect day for shooting some new animations! I’ve chosen the cavemen as my stars for the first animations of 2013. Here’s the little set I’ve made for them.


I kind of love how slapdash I get to be with the edges of the set, since no one will see that part in the finished animation. I’m also enjoying knitting rocks for the background—I just knit a sphere and then make random tight stitches in it to form big dents.

So caveman animations are coming soon, if all goes well today!

9 thoughts on “On the Set with Tiny Cavemen

  1. Love how you made the rocks! Such a clever idea! Also love your cavemen’s hairstyles, how fabulous! Can’t wait to see the cute animation you do with these cavemen!

  2. i love all your animations. how do you make your caveman/gnomes look like they’re floating in air? what software do you use to add soundtrack? you’ve inspired me to create my own animations!

  3. Are cavemen difficult to work with compared with other creatures? I mean, do they have a lot of demands like chunks of raw meat on the set, or access to firewood? Just wondering.

  4. I’m pretty excited about the animations I shot! It’ll take a little time to put them together, but they’re coming soon…

    Remy—my little set is made of styrofoam, so usually to make one of my little guys jump, I stick a toothpick in their back and stick the other end into the sky behind them. And I used GarageBand to make the music, and imported it into iMovie via iTunes. (I’d like to switch to using Final Cut someday, but for now iMovie is good for my little animations.)

    Dad—cavemen are good at improvising with what they’re given, so they’re pretty easy to work with. They’re always starting fires, though.

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