Rescheduled Pictoplasma NYC Talk Feb 8

In November I was scheduled to give a talk at the Pictoplasma NYC character art festival, then Hurricane Sandy hit the weekend before and the whole festival had to be postponed while the city recovered from the damage. Now the city is back up and running, the festival is back on, the talk is now happening February 8th!


My talk will be an overview of my journey into Mochimochi Land, and what it means to create character designs in the form of knitting patterns that others can recreate as their own.

The talk is open to people who have registered for the festival, but at the same time I’ll have some new knitted characters on display for everyone to see at a Pictoplasma group show at Cappellini in Soho. I can’t reveal what they are here… they’re just too top-secret!

4 thoughts on “Rescheduled Pictoplasma NYC Talk Feb 8

  1. Ooooooooh, how exciting!!! Will this talk of yours be recorded so people such as myself who can’t make it to Pictoplasma NYC :'( will be able to listen in?? I would love to hear about your journey into Mochimochi Land! I really want to know what your top-secret Mochimochi characters are going to be!!!!

  2. Thank you for the nice comments! I still have a hard time believing anybody wants to hear me talk, but I’m going to do my best to make it interesting.

    I don’t know if it will be recorded in any way, but if it somehow appears online, I’ll be sure to share!

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