Gnomes vs Snowmen in Astounding 3D

In my last post I included a photo of the Gnomes vs Snowmen battle that I showed at VK Live last year, which was originally a larger installation at NYC’s gallery hanahou in 2011. if you missed seeing it in person, today I’m bringing it right into your living room or office, with lifelike 3D photos!

Put your red and blue glasses on now.


Don’t have magic glasses? Well, it’s really worth a look if you can find some! Or just take my word for it that it’s like you’re in the midst of an epic gnome/snowman battle.







Thank you to Jess Mireau, who also shared 3D photos of my previous Mochimochi Land installation!

You can see non-3D photos of the show at my art website.

8 thoughts on “Gnomes vs Snowmen in Astounding 3D

  1. I have the non-red blue glasses from watching Coraline. Of course, I don’t remember where I put them, so I’ll have to mount a search and come back for a second look!

  2. Mannnn I wish I had 3-D glasses! I don’t remember having any… oh well! The battle is still really epic regardless!!

  3. It’s too bad I don’t have any 3-D glasses. I don’t know where else to get them but the movie theater, and I don’t go there. I still love the battle! It’s awesome!

  4. . . . and to think people laughed at me for keeping those 3D glasses from the Nightmare on Elm Street movie (back in 1991) all these years!

    That is a very, very cool effect. My little one can’t quite get her head around it, but she loves the sleigh.

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