Announcing Luvbots!


Sparks are flying in Mochimochi Land, because these guys are nuts and bolts for each other! (You like the puns, yes? I have so many more!)

Luvbots is the newest pattern to hit the Mochimochi Shop, and knitting up a pair for your sweetie is the perfect way to say “you auto-complete me.” (I wasn’t kidding about the puns, you see.)

The design incorporates knitting in the round, stranded color knitting, and a bit of mattress stitch for a fun project that knits up in a couple of days. Instructions for a stand-alone heart are also included.

The pattern is now available as a PDF download for $6 in the Mochimochi Shop!


5 thoughts on “Announcing Luvbots!

  1. I made one of my friends look at this when I got the email, and you wouldn’t be believe the groans and giggles that ensued. She thought the auto-complete me one was the worst!

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