13 thoughts on “Something Cute is Hatching…

  1. Yay! I was hoping for a new pattern! Can’t wait to see it or knit it! I need to whip up a few Eastery gifts for my nieces and nephew, so I have a feeling this will be the perfect pattern for that. Hopefully soon?!?

  2. I will be waching closely! Do you have a pattern for the eggs as well? Been making a few but the are to big for my liking, and fidling myself only made non-egg shaped thingies… (I’m just so in love with your miniatures! Im on the look out for your books in the Netherlands but so far no luck…) Bye bye!!

  3. Is it a duckling? Oooo, what about a platapus? I know I spelled it wrong but I don’t know how to spell platapus.

  4. maybe a little easter chick in an easter egg???????? :) cant wait to find out what it is :D

  5. Aww! I can’t wait to see what’s inside the egg!!! Perhaps a baby chick, or a ladybug…

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