Sticks and Knits

If lately things have seemed a little quiet here on the blog, it’s because I’ve been working round the clock on pieces for my upcoming show in Berlin for the past several weeks. This is what the floor of my bedroom/studio is looking like these days.


Watch your step!

These twigs and branches are what I’m using as the bases for my pieces. I’ve been collecting them in various sizes and shapes, and I’m trying to let the forms of the wood inspire the scenes that play out on them.

I’m knitting my cast of characters at the same time, and most of them get off to a humble start, stashed away in this plastic bag until I need them.


Working on ideas for a piece is a little like playing with action figures. I experiment with using different characters in different colors, and see what I can make them do in the twigs.


(I’ve been leaving the loose ends on most of the creatures so that I can be really precise when attaching each arm and leg.)

Here’s a piece in progress that’s soon to be ready for assembly. It’s fun and challenging to see how many different ways I can make the monkeys interact with each other and their miniature environment.


Just stitching the little guys on each piece can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the size and detail. It feels like this show is taking all my time, patience, and creative energy these days, but I love a crazy big project and I hope the results will feel worth the work.

I’ll have the full information and more photos soon, but this show will be on exhibit at Smallspace gallery in Berlin April 10-14th, during the Pictoplasma character art festival. I’ll also be giving a talk (open to festival attendees) and leading a knitting workshop with local knitters. Time and place TBA!

7 thoughts on “Sticks and Knits

  1. Looking good! Yes, please keep us posted about your workshop. I’ve never knit characters before and would love to attend.

  2. Awesome. One of these days I’m going to leave the country to go on vacation (it has been too many years since I was in Toronto), and I’m going to see if I can make it to one of your shows outside of the US.

  3. I love your awesome ideas! I can’t wait to see the awesome scene when it’s finished!

  4. If its anywhere near as amazing as the snowman vs. gnomes art piece you did it will be well worth the work :D

  5. Love the colours for your branches! Can’t wait to see what amazing creation you’ll make this time!

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