A Fine Feathered Photo Contest

Update: The winners have been announced: see them here!

I’m thrilled to announce this year’s springtime photo contest, this time sponsored by Spud & Chloë!


Springtime is for the birds: they’re hatching, they’re singing songs, they’re building nests. But the birds in Mochimochi Land do way more. For this Fine Feathered Photo Contest, we want to see what surprising things YOUR mochimochi birds are doing.

Choose one or more of these feathered mochis to knit: Tiny Chickens, Tiny Hatchlings, or Tiny Perching Pigeons.


These itty-bity projects all knit up really quickly, so that allows lots time for them to get into all sorts of strange and funny situations: maybe your little birds are learning to fly an airplane, or are putting on a Broadway musical, or are relaxing in the most luxurious birdbath ever—let your imagination take flight! Show us what your little guys are doing with a single photo or a series of photos uploaded to the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr with the photos tagged feathercontest13.

The top three winners will each receive a selection of soft and beautiful Spud & Chloë Fine yarn. It’s perfect for knitting all sorts of teeny-tiny mochis!

The deadline for entries is April 29th.




Knitters from all countries are welcome to enter! To be eligible, your photo(s) must contain at least one Tiny Chicken, Tiny Hatchling, or Tiny Perching Pigeon made from the Mochimochi Land pattern. The pattern may be modified, but not beyond recognition from the original design.

How to enter

Simply add your photo(s) to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group, and tag them with feathercontest13. If you don’t have a Flickr account, it is free and easy to register (though we recommend signing up as soon as possible, because it takes a little time for your account to be approved for sharing photos in a group).

Your entry can be a single photo or a series of photos, but please limit the total number of photos to 6. (In the case of a series, please number the titles.) Photos entered in this contest will not be eligible for the 2013 Mochimochi Photo Contest this fall.


Winners will be picked by us at Mochimochi Land, but the Flickr pool is open to be seen by everyone. We will be focusing on creativity in this contest, and not just looking for pretty images.


The last day to enter the contest is April 29, 2013. We’ll announce the winners shortly thereafter!


The top three winners each receive a selection of Fine yarn provided by Spud & Chloë: third place gets three skeins, second place gets five skeins, and first place gets ten skeins! Thank you Spud & Chloë!

17 thoughts on “A Fine Feathered Photo Contest

  1. Oh so much looking forward to the creative projects that are certain to be uploaded in the next couple of weeks! To your needles yer all! ;-D

  2. I’ve missed just about every photo contest, so I’m looking to jump into this one!

  3. Oh! Those are incredible prizes!! I gotta bring my A-Game to this contest!… :D I’ve wanted S&C Yarn ever since I started knitting…

  4. Thanks margo! We’d like to stick to just the three patterns for this contest, but if you add a photo to the group of a different design, it will still automatically be entered in our big photo contest this fall. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  5. Dear Anna, are we allowed to put other characters besides the Perching Pigeons, Tiny Chickens, or Tiny Hatchlings in our picture? I was planning to put a girl too.

  6. When you say limit photos down to six, does that mean limit the photos in the series? Or just how many you can enter?

  7. Stephanie, we’d like six to be the guideline of total number of photos (series and singles combined), but this can be a little flexible, as long as it’s not a lot more.

  8. I just finished the pigeon and will try the chicken tomorrow!

    Is photoshopping our images allowed? For example if I wanted to composite my bird flying against the sky

  9. Hello – I added my photos to this contest, and I think I did everything right, but the photos are not showing on the gallery, or on the Flickr group. I only seem to see them when I am signed in to Flickr. Any ideas what I might have done wrong?

    Here is a link to my first photo (there are 2 more in the series):
    I just want to make sure these photos are entered.

  10. Sarah, I’m not sure why you can’t see them in the group, but they seem to be showing up fine for me! (Maybe because I’m the group moderator?) But thanks for checking—your photos are incredible and we’ll be sure to include them!!

  11. I posted 3 pictures on flickr today and although I can see them when I’m logged into flickr no one else who tries to can and they aren’t showing up in your gallery. I noticed someone else had the same issue, do you know what I am doing wrong? I had 3 scenes under the user name AlexaD81. Thanks!

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