The Great Cozy Debate: A Recap

So many of you chimed in on my informal cozy poll last week that I just have to share some highlights. These guys can’t wait to hear the results!


As of this writing, we received more than 40 comments with opinions one way or the other on cozies. The pros really won the day—almost twice as many of you support the ideals of a cozy culture than those who are happy with your basic mugs with handles. Maybe this shouldn’t have come as a surprise, seeing as how most of my readers are probably knitters who like the idea of making the world a better place by putting little sweaters on everything.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the comments.

From Katie:

We *all* already use a cozy, the drink sleeve that ends as garbage. A reusable cozy is great for the environment and quietly states: “I’m a yarn lover!”

From Emily:

My daughter takes a hard boiled egg in her lunch every day so I knitted her a little cozy that looks like a bunny. It’s outrageously adorable. I also made some smaller ones to fit on Cadbury eggs. (The pattern is Huggie Bunnies on ravelry.)

From Lorysa:

When one of my fingerless gloves developed a hole, I turned it into a cosy for my travel coffee mug (which doesn’t have a handle. I’m not anti-handle, but this one had a better lid). I use it every single day and plan to knit more, thicker ones.

From Mariette:

Here’s my BIG problem with cozies: they never fit the container that I want to use it on. Seriously.

From Eva:

Cosies are like clunky but warm winter boots. As a teenager, you don’t want to wear them because they look uncool, but as you get older, you realize that what’s uncool is freezing while underdressed because you’re trying to look cool.

From Manisha:

I admit I went through a knitting up cozy phase and handed them out many people I know….. It was fun to have a quick knit but now they are mostly used to dress my daughter’s dolls.

From fillyjonk:

Couldn’t a sweater be regarded as a “human cozy”?

From Yvonne:

I’ve made a couple of “cozies” (more like sleeves — think of what they give you at Starbucks) for my coffee. I have given those away, though, because people (at Starbucks) find them to be really cool, and knowing I can make another one, I just whip off the sleeve and give it to them. I use Cascade Fixation for these.

From LauraSue:

I’ve never knit a cozy and I thought they were kind of…well, useless. But golly, you cozy-lovers are starting to win me over! And if I ever knit a cozy, it would have to be a mochi-mochi cozy. Fer sher.

I appreciate that sentiment, LauraSue, and I second it!

OK, just one more—from Amanda:

My husband bought an ugly Christmas sweater beer cozy from Target over the holidays. He was shopping alone….

And there you have it: cozies win the day. I can’t promise that I’ll start outfitting my drinks anytime soon, but I can’t help getting a little excited for cozies after all your testimonials.

So, what should strange corner of the knitting world should we debate next?

9 thoughts on “The Great Cozy Debate: A Recap

  1. I understand drink cozies, but I still don’t understand the use of an apple cozy.

    I also don’t understand knitting dish cloths. I like the terry cloth ones I buy from the store much better.

  2. I have yet to make a drink cozy, though at least one is on my cue of projects to complete one day “soon”. I have, however, made an apple cozy. Those who deny the importance of the apple cozy must not take fruit in their lunches. A fruit cozy will stop your fruit from bruising almost 100 percent of the time (barring dropping the thing on a cement floor). It’s like magic.

  3. I have a cozy. It started out as being a mitten from one of SpillyJane’s patterns. It wasn’t nearly warm enough after about three days worth of colourwork. I wasn’t going to just rip it out, so I put ribbing on the top to match the bottom and I have something to put on my coffee.

  4. I love my hand knit dishcloths why because they are awesome for getting off dried on food because certain people in the house don’t scrape plates. if i have a hand knit dischcloths I do not need a scrubber pad

  5. I love toe socks, but I’ll admit that I’ve never made a pair. I usually have fun ones that we buy when out and about.

    As for knitting debate the toilet paper cozies are a good one. I guess people just wanted to hide evidence of what the bathroom was for, but if they were going to do that wouldn’t they need a toilet cozy?

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