Sarah’s Disney Knits

A couple of weeks ago I met an avid young knitter named Sarah at Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh.


Sarah mentioned to me that she had knitted a bunch of tiny Disney characters. I had no idea what a feat this was until she sent me a photo!


How sweet are these little guys!? Look closely and you’ll probably be able to figure out who all of them are are. I love how thoughtful Sarah is with the little details that make a character unmistakable.

I’m always impressed by younger knitters—they seem to have a natural sense of adventure and experimentation, qualities that I try to achieve with my own work, but that take a lot of effort for me sometimes. (I also want to stress that I would be impressed with Sarah’s work even if she were my age!)

You can find a few more of Sarah’s designs, including free patterns for an octopus and a duck, on her blog A Little Bit to Knit.

19 thoughts on “Sarah’s Disney Knits

  1. WOW. Her work is amazing! And such a cute idea to do all of these characters. Really love the little Jack Sparrow!!! I’m so impressed. I’d love to get some tips from Sarah. She is super talented.

  2. Holy mackerel! Those are completely and totally AWESOME. Good work, Sarah! I have a young knitter friend named Sarah, too, and I love seeing the yarns and patterns she chooses – it’s always so interesting to me!

  3. Oh, Sarah is soooo talented!! :)

    I loved having you at Natural Stitches. I hope you can return soon! :)

  4. Oooh! I’m a kid knitter too! Anyway, Sarah, you’re sooo talented and creative! I love all your characters–so cute!!! I loved the Gus-Gus because I just love mice so much! You’re so awesome at knitting! Wow!!!

  5. I’m a teen knitter, and I’m impressed, Sarah! These are all so perfect! I think my favorites are Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet :) This has inspired me to make my own tiny versions of other movie characters. Thanks for sharing her creativity with us, Anna!

  6. Sarah, these are adorable. Luv the Mickey mouse one. You should be selling your patterns!

  7. I have seen Sarah’s work firsthand and she is amazing! Such a great talent for such a young person.

  8. Very cool. I don’t recognize them all, but I figure that is more a defect in my Disney movie list than anything else (what can I say, I watched way more Black Cauldron than nearly any other movie).

  9. Thank you everyone for your wonderful compliments, and for checking out my site! Now that you’ve had a chance to guess who the characters are, here is a list in rows from left to right, starting at the top:

    Simba, Dumbo, Jack Sparrow, Mr. Potato-head, Marie

    Tinker bell, Peter Pan, Wendy, Fairy Godmother, Drizella, Anastasia, Gus, Cinderella

    Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow white, Merida, Rapunzel

    The Beast, Belle, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse

    Piglet, Eeyore, Winnie-the-pooh, Darth Vader, Leia, Jabba the Hut

    Thank you again, and it was great to meet you at Natural Stitches!

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