Fine Feathered Photo Contest Winners!

It’s time to announce the winners of our Fine Feathered Photo Contest!

We asked you to create a scene with a photo or a series of photos featuring Tiny Chickens, Tiny Hatchlings, or Tiny Perching Pigeons. And boy did you come through! We were delighted by the creativity and hard work that obviously went into the more than 100 entries that we received. It’s the toughest thing in the world for John and me to select only three winners from all of the cuteness, but this beautiful Spud & Chloë yarn isn’t just going to give itself away…


See the winning entries after the jump!

Our third place winner:

Billiard Birds by Momshoo


the birds had a sneaky plan… to hide amongst the billard balls but they realised they were so much smaller when they reached…

“I hope we don’t get squashed,” said one.


Let the games begin!


“Look ma! no wings!”


two can play the game.


in the direct line of fire.

We love the originality of Momshoo’s pool shark pigeons! Momshoo wins these three skeins of Spud & Chloë Fine yarn!


Our second place winner:

When Henny Learned to Knit by The Happy Cupcake


When Henny learned to knit…


..everyone felt warm inside.


Henny’s knitting fever spread…


…And when her friends learned to knit…


…everyone inside felt warm!

We were touched by this sweet story, and we loved all the adorable little chicken knitting projects! The Happy Cupcake wins these five skeins of Spud & Chloë Fine yarn!


And finally, our first place winner:

Kung Pow Chicken by Emma C.1


The caveman, dinosaur, and lion try to make dinner. Maybe the caveman shouldn’t be the one reading the cookbook…


It’s getting pretty hot in there…


Apparently the caveman didn’t read the fine print about ninja chickens. This might be a problem.


An epic battle ensues. Dinosaur and lion: 0. Ninja chickens: 2. Go ninjas!


Caveman vs. Ninja chicken: Ninja wins! Yay!


All in a day’s work.

Emma’s action-packed story, with clever character mods and sound effects, takes the cake for us! For her heroic efforts, Emma wins these ten skeins of Spud & Chloë Fine yarn!


I hope everyone who entered had a blast making their mochi birds have exciting adventures. There are tons more great entries that everyone can see in our Flickr group, and we’ll be featuring a bunch more of our favorites throughout the month of May.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you to our lovely sponsor Spud & Chloë!

And don’t forget—if you missed this contest, keep adding your photos of toys made from any Mochimochi patterns to the Flickr group. They’ll all be eligible for our big annual contest this fall!

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  1. Winners: I’ve just sent you a message via Flickr asking for your mailing addresses. Congratulations!!

  2. I don’t know how you chose. They are all fantastic. Congrats to the winners. :)

  3. YAY! Congratulations to the winners. I think these are great, but the knitting chicken is my favorite. I want a knitting chicken display of my own : ) Wonderful job!!

  4. Congratulations to the winners…and the other 97 participants who submitted pictures! Good job.

  5. Everyone did a fabulous job, but I’m OBSESSED with the knitting chickens! I feel that was very inspiring and now I want to knit little outfits for all my tiny mochi mochi characters!

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