New Mystery Kits Free with Purchase through May 27

Big news today about tiny kits!

First, it’s time for another free mystery kit special! Now through May 27th, everyone who purchases two kits and/or books from the Mochimochi Shop will get one of these mystery kits for free.


These are all-new designs with patterns that aren’t in any pattern collections or books yet. All I can reveal is that they’re all animals… and they’re all adorable!

Order two kits and/or books from the Mochimochi Shop, and a randomly-selected mystery kit will automatically be sent with your order. (You don’t have to add it to your shopping cart.) Order four kits/books, and two different mystery kits are yours. Order six kits/books, and all will be revealed to you.

Once the mystery kit special is over, these kits won’t be available in the shop again until later this year. So don’t miss out, especially if you love a good mystery…

Plus! By popular demand, the much-anticipated tiny gnome kit is finally here!


This kit comes with a pattern and enough Cascade Heritage yarn and stuffing to knit up three tiny gnomes. (That’s the minimum number required for a gnome kick line.)

If you know a knitting gnome lover who lacks the right colors, this is just the thing! (It’s also great for travel knitting.)


It’s now available for $12 in the Mochimochi Shop! (And yes, we ship internationally.)

4 thoughts on “New Mystery Kits Free with Purchase through May 27

  1. Well the armadillo pattern is in one of my books… so I guess it’s not quite that exclusive. But yours is a handmade original!

  2. My local shop started carrying them a month or so ago, but I was thinking that made with a dk or worsted weight that the minimochis would make great pieces for mobiles!

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