Wai Sek Moi’s Tiny Rockstar Chicken

It’s been a crazy kit-making week in Mochimochi Land! (It would be way crazier without my dad’s yarn-winding contraption.) Thanks so much to everyone who has placed an order. Your mysteries are on their way…

Today I’d like to share one of our absolute favorite entries from the Fine Feathered Photo Contest that didn’t make it into the top three: The Adventures of Chick and Hen by Wai Sek Moi.


Chick chillin’ out


Chick ‘n Hen going to work


Makeup [note the framed photos on the wall!]


Rockin’ It!


On the road


Curtain call—The End

John and I just love the incredible detail this knitter has used, employing all sorts of materials to complete the scenes. And a tiny rockstar chicken is a pretty awesome character. Great inspiration for the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Wai Sek Moi’s Tiny Rockstar Chicken

  1. Oh I live for your posts! Have adored chickens and teeny little oddments forever.

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