Arcade Mochi: The Staredown

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?


The first half of last week was very busy with exciting future book stuff, and I spent the second half of last week on a last-minute mini summer vacation in New Hampshire. Just a few days away from the city was a nice break—and I got to visit the lovely Gather Here in Boston while I was at it!

Now I’m returning to a big to-do list and a big squishy arcade cabinet that won’t stop staring at me. There’s much planning and charting to do before I get back to the knitting part of him, but I’m determined to make progress on it soon!

In the meantime, here is a photo of Soupy in my yarn stash from yesterday.


6 thoughts on “Arcade Mochi: The Staredown

  1. That’s cute! Which one of these is not like the others? You know, it’s funny – I was thinking of asking you if you had some sort of a display case for all your tinys, since I’ve been amassing quite a collection of my own over the years and would love to be able to have a neatly organized, centrally-located display in my home … but it seems this picture may have answered my question – they wind up in a drawer :)

  2. Yes, there shoved into several drawers, I’m afraid. But you’re right that it would be awesome to have a display case for my favorites! I think that will be a “someday project” for me.

  3. I just found the cutest little shelf at a yard sale the other day with all of these little cubbies that are perfect for tiny mochis. I am so excited to hang it and start displaying my stuff so that I can see them all of the time.

  4. whow you get along there and my Mom won’t let me have even close to that much yarn, lucky!!!!

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