Let’s Knit Crazy Mittens

Last week I got to spend a few beautiful days in New Hampshire, for a quick last-minute summer vacation. Lately when John and I visit his parents, we’ve been staying in Bonney’s epic yarn stash room.

Aside from this being the quietest room in the house (yarn makes great insulation, and this is rural New Hampshire, so there’s not much noise to begin with), I enjoy this room for the strange new knitting paraphernalia that I always find in it. Lately Bonney seems to be taken with creepy vintage puppet mittens!

This kit makes two “lucky puppets.” Apparently dead mice are lucky mice!


What time is it, kids? It’s time to ponder how many nightmares were generated from these kits!


More lucky puppets! I get the skunk, but no way am I buying the left one as “Wally the Whale.”


And since when do skunk and whale make a nice pair of things to wear in the winter? Apparently whoever started on this kit agreed with me halfway through.


Maybe you love puppet mittens. Maybe you can’t get enough of them. Maybe you need ten different designs!


Actually I think these are awesome and I’m hoping Bonney will make me some.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Knit Crazy Mittens

  1. What fun kits to see now. I wonder what knitting kits is being sold now that generations in the future will look back at and wonder “What were they thinking?”

  2. Thank you Bonney! I’d love a random combo, actually. Snake and flamingo, maybe? Do they come in adult size?

  3. What a great blast from the past! I just love seeing what kinds of projects people were interested in during different periods. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. My sister and I were given a pair of skunk mittens over 50 years ago. We had so much fun playing with the puppets. I’d love to have the pattern.

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