Patricia’s Cool Fox

Here’s another original toy created by a knitter who took my toy design class in October!


Patricia wanted to design a fox, but was unsure about where to start, especially when it came to the head. So in the class she sketched out the triangle shape she had in mind, and as a group we discussed some different options for how she could make it, with varying degrees of complexity.

I was so excited when Patricia sent me photos of her finished fox with his triangle head. Often the simple solution is the best way to go for a charming toy, and I think Patricia got it just right—this guy reminds me of an illustration, with its handmade quality and basic shapes.

Patricia shared a bunch of photos of her fox-in-progress on her Tumblr. It’s awesome to see her fox take shape!


She mentioned in the Tumblr post that she mostly pieced him together using different patterns from my books, and that’s totally OK! Existing patterns are great resources, and it’s all about simple shapes anyway, so taking elements from various sources is a good way to start designing your own toys.

Thanks to Patricia for sharing her fox!

3 thoughts on “Patricia’s Cool Fox

  1. What a great job!!! I am very curious to hear the different ways the class came up with for possibly doing the triangular piece or how it was actually done.
    Love seeing what your students are coming up with. When are you going to offer an online class we can all access? ;) You know with all your free time.

  2. that is a good idea anyway soooooo cool I wish Ilive closer to a place you normally go for I live in Pittsburgh, PA

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