Tiny Kits in Martha Stewart Living

I’ve been making extra trips to the post office over the past few days, thanks to this magazine‚Ķ


That’s right, we’re featured in Martha Stewart Living this month!! Well, it’s actually a tiny gnome and Santa who get all the glory—our tiny kits are part of the December 2013 issue’s gift guide.


It’s such an honor to get a mention in this magazine. The only downside is that all the other mochis are jealous of these two overnight crafting sensations!

A big thank you to Martha Stewart Living for this early Christmas present!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Kits in Martha Stewart Living

  1. This has made my snowmen very jealous and the gnomes all big headed! They are asking for their pictures to be taken and sent to all the magazines….

  2. Martha S. is knitter friendly! You should knit her a little something in one of her yarns. Maybe you could make it on TV on her show next year!

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