Win Cute Toys from Japan

How are your Mochimochi Photo Contest entries coming? The deadline is MONDAY—that still gives you enough time to knit up a mochi and take a funny picture of it!

As I’ve been featuring this month, we have some awesome prizes for the winners, including gift certificates from Knit Picks, classes and special discounts from Craftsy, gift cards from us here at Mochimochi Land, and a bunch of surprises straight from the World’s Biggest Yarn Stash. But wait, there’s more!


Each of the top three winners will get a Sonny Angel! What is a Sonny Angel? It’s a Kewpie doll from Japan that wears a funny costume, or something! We have two holiday-themed Angels and one chocolate-themed one. Our first-place winner will also receive a Hello Kitty grocery re-ment set from Japan! (You knew I couldn’t resist throwing in some cute stuff from Japan.)

So don’t forget to add your photos to our Flickr group by midnight on Monday, December 9th! We cannot wait to see what your mochis do! See full contest details.


Need some extra inspiration? Check out last year’s first group and second group of semifinalists!

3 thoughts on “Win Cute Toys from Japan

  1. I totally just saw what you did for Nickelodeon on tv! It had to be your stuff! I got so excited I didn’t know where else to post it! Yay! :D

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see the super awesome cute Nickelodeon holiday ad! I recognized the Mochimochi land style instantly! My 6 year old daughter and I love it! We decided that daddy must have knitted teenage mutant ninja turtles in his stocking. I’ve been a long-time fan and own all of your books, so I’ll try to figure them out. I’m currently knitting tiny mochis as tree ornaments for my little cousins… Larger, non-choke-able ones made with heavy yarn. Thank you for hours of inspiration!

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