Inspiration: YOMSNIL

One of the things that I like about January (and there aren’t that many) is the way that I feel more open to inspiration and new ideas at the beginning of the year. It’s a time to try new things, or at least to think about trying new things! My new thing is pottery: I took a short wheel class in December, and I’m going to continue with another class that starts soon. I’m a complete beginner—and I have the lopsided bowls to prove it—but I’m inspired to continue when I see things like this.


These are porcelain pieces by Korean artist YOMSNIL, whom I discovered thanks to Pictoplasma. I just adore the expression and life that the artist achieves with simple vessel shapes. I think that playing with clay myself a bit recently makes me appreciate how he worked with the soft material, making characters emerge from it with gentle poking and carving.


Even if I never make anything this cool myself with clay, it feels good to work with a new material—it’s like my hands are learning a new language. See more on YOMSNIL’s website.

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