Teresa’s Super Star Wedding

It’s still well below zero here today, but I’m coping with coffee, knitting, and focusing on happy, inspiring images. Like these adorable starry wedding photos from Teresa, who knitted 88 Lucky Stars as favors for her and her fiancé’s guests.


I was especially excited to see these photos in the Flickr group because I too made knitted wedding favors when John and I got married in 2006. (But they weren’t nearly this cute, or this much work!) I’m so tickled when people make mochis a part of their happy day.


And wow, how awesome is that dress!?


I’m really rooting for this adorable couple. They’re off to a great start! The beautiful photos are by Jessica Shilling Photography.

3 thoughts on “Teresa’s Super Star Wedding

  1. How adorable! That is such a lovely idea… though I am not jealous of all the work she had to put in…
    They make a lovely couple!


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