Kalliopi’s Phone Sheep

I’m excited to share another adorable project by someone who took my toy design workshop at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio back in October. Kalliopi came to the class with a really specific idea: She wanted to design a cell phone holder in the shape of a sheep’s head. And here it is, just like her sketch!


Super cute! I’ve always said that my cell phone needed an adorable animal to snuggle with when I’m not using it. And you can even make one of your own—Kalliopi’s pattern is available for purchase via Ravelry.


I recall that in the workshop we talked about making a boxy shape by knitting a rectangular flat piece first, then picking up the stitches around the four sides of the rectangle and knitting them in a round to make the sides. (This is a technique that I’ve used in several of my more angular designs.) The pocket on top is a matter of binding off stitches in one row and casting them back on again in the following row. But I think it’s the details and proportions of the face that really makes the design. Nice job, Kalliopi!

By the way, I’ll be giving a talk all about designing knitted toys this Sunday (1/19) at Vogue Knitting LIVE in NYC! Come to the marketplace stage at 11am to catch it.

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