Ann Arbor Library Now Offering Mochimochi Patterns

I have some exciting news today for Ann Arbor residents! The Ann Arbor District Library now has 20 of my patterns available for download FREE to all of its cardholders.


How is this possible? Well, this cutting-edge library wants to offer unique items to its cardholders, so we’ve worked out a licensing arrangement for a three-year period. I get a licensing fee, the library gets to offer something new, and the people of Ann Arbor get to knit up Sleepy Snakes, Luvbots, and Gobbledyghosts—everyone wins!

As far as I know, pattern downloads is a new idea for a library, and we have Erin the librarian to thank for that! She invited me to speak at the library last summer (there was also a robot Mochimochi display and a Gnomes vs Snowmen-themed hunt that tied in with the library’s summer game), and things just got rolling from there. I’m planning to return this summer for another event—I can’t wait!

A town where designers are supported, and all the knitters can download patterns for free… sounds pretty ideal to me. Let’s hope more libraries see the potential in this kind of partnership!

7 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Library Now Offering Mochimochi Patterns

  1. That’s awesome! My mom works at a library in IL, that’s such a neat idea and what a cool way to get people up and knitting! There can never be too much mochimochi cuteness :)

  2. That is super-great! I think it is a wonderful idea and really fits well with the way libraries continue to expand their digital catalogs. I must admit a twinge of jealousy that this is not at my library, but more than that, I am so pleased to see this happening somewhere.

  3. What an amazing collaboration! I just discovered Mochimochi Land from a listing on the Ann Arbor District Library website. I can’t wait to try one of your patterns. Thank you so much for sharing your talents in this way!

  4. This makes me so happy! I’m a librarian, and I LOVE this idea! Kudos to Erin on a great way to bring new kinds of awesome-ness to library patrons.

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