Insert Coin

A little update on how the arcade mochi is coming: He’s lost some of his negativity!


That’s right, no more “GAME OVER” for this guy—all you need to do is insert a coin! It was the happier colors I’m working with that inspired the change.

Now, it may sound really simple to switch out the letters on his screen, but I had already established that they would be 3 stitches wide, and that presented a problem when it came to the letter N. After going through several iterations in which it looked like “IMSERT COIM” and IHSERT COIH,” I finally gave up and made the N four stitches wide. That means that the letters are just ever so slightly off center, a reality that bothered me at first, until I decided not to let it bother me anymore. He’s going to be super cute!


So now I almost have all of the main pieces finished for my second version. I did reconfigure the structure of the seams just a bit, so that all of the pieces could be laid flat for blocking.


So I’ll need to stitch them together again to make sure they fit properly. Then it will be time to add all the fun embellishments that I’ve been looking forward to for months. The finished design is feeling really close now!

6 thoughts on “Insert Coin

  1. I have been following this project with so much excitement! Cannot wait to see the finished arcade mochi!
    PS: That extra stitch would bother me too, I’m terrible with this kind of things!!!

  2. The letters being slightly off-center is perfect! There was often something a little wonky in video games and now those little imperfections add to the charm.

  3. You make a great point, Denise, judging from the wonky stuff that comes up when you do an image search for “insert coin”! And it truly is one of those things that the person knitting might notice, but no one else would.

  4. The color scheme is ADORABLE!!! (^___^) I totally want this little guy to snuggle with while I’m playing on my Wii… <3

  5. He looks fabulous, I love the designs you added to the sides! When you release the pattern, I hope you include both the “insert coin” and “game over”. It’d be cool to make a bright, optimistic arcade game and a dark, pessimistic arcade game I think. Either way, I can’t wait!

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